I was recommended to Dr. Parsons by a friend for Rotator Cuff Surgery. I found him to be very knowledgeable in his field and he did an excellent job with my surgery. The surgery was somewhat easy Dr. Parsons was very adept at performing this surgery. The surgery went very well, recovery was very quick and physical therapy was very good. I would highly recommend Dr. Parsons for this surgery.

Carol Petro - Eastlake, OH

I had a massive rotor cuff tear while playing baseball. Standard repair wasn't an option due to severity of injury. Dr. Parsons recommended superior capsule reconstruction, which was done January 2016 on my left shoulder at age 57. I was off work for 4 months, but after therapy, I was able to do my steel worker job and actually play baseball again against doctor recommendations. I knew for years my right shoulder was torn and will have that operated soon by Dr. Parsons.

Monroe Turner - Willoughby Hills, OH

First doctor said there was nothing he could do for my torn rotator cuff because I am 79 years old. Dr. Parsons look at my total health record and decided he could do the surgery to repair my shoulder because I am in such good shape otherwise considering my age. My numbers are all good , so there was no reason surgery wouldn't be successful. He has a great positive attitude and that gave me confidence to proceed. He insisted PT go slowly to ensure the healing of my rotator cuff.

Carol Shaw - Mentor, OH

Surgery : superior capsule reconstruction (rotator cuff) Dr. Parsons explained my MRI photos to me in detail. He also explained in detail as to what the surgery involved. It's been 6 months since my surgery and I am back to work at 85 to 90 %. After the surgery the most important task is your therapy after your Dr. advises it. Dr. Parsons goal and mine are to be 100%. I highly recommend Dr. Parsons, as well as his staff. He is up to date on all the newest technologies in surgery.

Don Whithlow - Concord, OH

This was my second surgery for rotator cuff. Dr. Parsons did my other arm 5 years ago. it was so successful I was able to return to playing Senior Softball the next year. My throwing was as good as new. He also repair my sons arm the year before that and he is back playing sports and lifting weights etc... Also his Physical Therapy group is top notch. PT is extremely important to full recovery. It is the perfect system to get you back to your normal active life.

Robert Campbell - Willoughby, OH

Everyone--the office, hospital and therapy staff--was exceptionally professional, kind and knowledgeable. I listened and did what they said because that’s what they do for a living and they’re good at it. Today my shoulder works better than before the injury and surgery.

Eugene Sterle - Eastlake, OH
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